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The suites are fully equipped with kitchen items: cooker, fridge, dishwasher, microwave with grill, teakettle, and some small dishes.


Zell am See

It is a beautiful town at the lake Zell with almost 10.000 inhabitants. Its position near the high-alpine road Grossglockner is an enticement for tourists.

Would you like to improve your health and get some rest on your vacation? Zell am See is the right place for it. Because of the fresh air and crystal clear water is this town considered a “climatic spa” since 1961. The water from lake Zell is so clean and pure that it is marked as drinking water.



Experience a holiday in the mountains like never before. In Kaprun you can practically ski all year round. On glacier Kitzsteinhorn skiing season begins in autumn and ends in spring. The most fun you can have in ski resorts is in the altitude of 2.900 meters above the sea level (9.514 feet).

For the beginners there are nearby hills of Maiskogel where the skiing is possible in winter only. In the summer months you can experience other adventures such as a visit of alpine reservoirs.

Kaprun has two monuments – glacier Kitzsteinhorn and medieval castle. The Castle Kaprun was built in the 12th century and it has diverse history. Today it is one of the oldest in Salzburg province and it serves as a set for various cultural events.

One of the most interesting places in the nature around Kaprun is gorge called Sigmund-Thun-Gorge. Once you have arrived, the sight at the wooden footpats, whirlpool of water and the rugged reefs, will give you the feeling of a completely different world.

After a wonderfully tiring day in the mountains of Kaprun, you can get some rest at the Tauern Spa, which is one of the largest and the most beautiful spas in Austria. Enjoy wellness, massages and cosmetic procedures.


Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Town Zell am See is placed in one of the most stunning national parks around the world – Hohe Tauren. Part of this gorgeous and wild alpine area is mountain range Kitzsteinhorn.

The upper part of Kitzsteinhorn falls under the protection of national park and it provides exquisite outlook on astonishing landscape.

National park Hohe Tauern is the largest park in the Alps. It incorporates in a large scale all essential Alpine ecosystems. There are 266 peaks over the height of 3.000 m (9.842 ft). Preservation areas include 342 glaciers on total surface area of 130 km² (155 yd²), more than 550 lakes and 279 rivers.


Reservoir Mooserboden and Wasserfallboden

Discover these water reservoirs which are inserted into monumental range of Hohe Tauren mountains!

Dam Mooserboden is situated 2.040 m above the sea level (6.692 ft), its height is 107 m (351 ft) and its length 494 m (1.620 ft).

Forest path will lead you from the dam to the rustic chalet/shepherd’s hut in the alpine pasture called Fürthermoaralm. Along the way you can enjoy the view of unique vegetation of the mountains Hohe Tauern.


Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing area of Zell am See-Kaprun is an ideal place for professionals and beginners. In the mountains Schmittenhöhe and Kitzsteinhorn, in the middle of snowy alpine region, you will have many enjoyable experiences on various ski slopes. Schmitten and Maiskogel are great places for skiing with children.

Professional skiers can enjoy steep slopes of Schmittenhöhe (77km long/47mi) or Kitzsteinhorn (41 km/25mi). But don’t worry, there are plenty of ski slopes that are not difficult. Maiskogel is fashioned for families with “smaller visitors“ and it offers excellent winter adventures (20 km long/12 mi). Kitzsteinhorn is popular especially among the “free-riders” and the “free-stylers”. Its ski runs and huge amusement park offers fun for everyone.